Melissa teams up with spanish brand BIMBA Y LOLA for a must-have collection : The boldness of Melissa meets the urban sophistication of BIMBA Y LOLA.

The sandals are a reinterpretation of the iconic Melissa Possesion model: designed to take innovation and comfort in stride.

A multifunctional basket - for the market, the beach or whatever you fancy - inspired by the BIMBA Y LOLA archive, completes the collaboration, intertwining functionality and elegance, without forgetting its playful aspect. The ideal choice for lovers of good design that combines Melissa's iconic tutti-frutti scent with the versatility of BIMBA Y LOLA bags.

Melissa / BIMBA Y LOLA is not just a collection; it's a style-conscious manifesto for summer. From the city to the coast, this collaboration celebrates fun, originality and a commitment to our planet. Optimism is a choice.